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Card Reading

Tarot and Lenormand card reading, where ancient wisdom merges with contemporary insights. Delve into the mystical world of divination and gain clarity, guidance and understanding about your past, present and future
Tarot Reading

The Tarot, with its rich symbolism and archetypal images, offers a profound way to explore the complexities of life. As a consultant, I interpret the messages of the cards to illuminate your path. Whether you seek answers about love, career, relationships, or personal growth, Tarot readings provide deep introspection and guidance.
Unlock the mysteries of the Tarot as I tune into the energy of the cards, giving you a personalized and enlightening experience. Each reading is unique and will empower you to make informed decisions and navigate life’s twists and turns with confidence.

Lenormand Lecture

Step into the world of Lenormand, where simplicity meets precision. Named after the famous 18th century fortune teller Madame Lenormand, these 36 cards provide clear answers and practical advice. As a card reader, I provide a concise and accurate reading, focused on specific questions or concerns you have.
Lenormand readings cut through the noise and provide clear insights into your situation. Whether you seek clarity on a pressing issue or want concise guidance for a specific aspect of your life, as a skilled card reader I harness the power of the Lenormand to illuminate the way forward.

Consultation method

During a general card reading I use Lenormand cards supplemented with oracle cards. During the leggings you will gain insights into different areas of your life such as: love, finances, work, children…

The session duration varies depending on the number of questions or areas of interest being addressed. I will channel my expertise to provide you with a detailed, personalized reading via live appointment or live video chat, whichever you prefer.
Empower yourself with the wisdom of the Tarot of Lenormand. Gain insights that inspire, enlighten and guide you to a more fulfilling life journey.

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Ann Verpoort